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  100% Kona

Halama Farms Kona coffee is hand-picked, shade-grown, sun-dried, and custom roasted. 

The best coffee you may

ever taste! 

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* Our Farm is currently on Sabbatical - Please check back

next in Autumn 2022 *

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Bring the serenity and beauty of Kona to your corner of the world

E Komo Mai! (Welcome!)  Enjoy Halama Farms 100% Kona coffee.  With quality in every cup, you may notice the similarity to fine wine. We harvest the coffee beans when they are just right, process them promptly and with care, age the "parchment," and roast it to perfection.

Our small family farm is in beautiful Holualoa, Hawaii, on the slopes of Hualalai Mountain. By purchasing directly from us, rather than from large retailers, you save on the cost and receive fresher coffee. It's 100% Kona – certified by the Kona Coffee Farmers Association -- and 100% smooth and full-bodied.