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We sell only 100% pure Kona coffee.  Our coffee is hand-picked, shade-grown, sun-dried,  custom roasted, and sent directly to you.

Halama Farms coffee comes in a medium dark roast and, unless otherwise stated, in whole beans.  Adaptability is a virtue, though, and we may be able to make special sizes (2, 6, or 32 ounce bags, for example) and, for larger orders, different roasts (medium or dark, for instance, if you order 25 pounds or more) available to you.  Please check with us for availability.

* Our Farm is currently on Sabbatical - Please check back

next in Autumn 2025 *

4 oz. Halama Farms Roasted Coffee


8 oz. Halama Farms Roasted Coffee


5 lbs. Halama Farms Roasted Coffee


16 oz. Halama Farms Roasted Coffee



To Order:

Please email us at [email protected].  Just choose the size and quantity of coffee that you would like.  Please note that a 5-pound package may take a little longer to deliver.  Other sizes may be purchased with prior arrangements (e.g., 2 ounces, 2 pounds).  Please contact us if you would like such a package from our next roast.  All prices are subject to change.

Telephone Orders:

Phone orders can be made to 808.322.3711.  Please leave a call back message (with your phone number clearly and slowly stated) if you reach an answering machine.  Remember that the Hawaii time zone is ‘behind’ the rest of the United States.  For instance, when it is noon in Philadelphia and Tampa, it’s either 6 a.m. (daylight savings) or 7 a.m. (standard time) in Hawaii.  Similarly, noon in Austin or Chicago is 7 (daylight) or 8 (standard) a.m. in Hawaii.  Hawaii’s time doesn’t change, but yours may.  You may also write to us at [email protected], or send old-fashioned mail to us at PO Box 552, Holualoa, HI 96725.

Other Products:

Sometimes around the end of the year holidays we have Christmas Berry Honey and dark chocolate-covered peaberry coffee. Let us know if you might be interested.


We ship via USPS Priority Mail within the USA.  For international orders, please write to us or call.   Shipping is $6 for 2 pounds or less, $12 for up to 5 pounds, and more, of course, is more.

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